Diana Ljung

”Witchcraft Spell” kommer till Gävle! Miss Diana delar med sig av sin russian exotic-magi.

RUSSIAN EXOTIC – Witchcraft Spell
Dear Pole Poison students,

Since I will not be on Halloween with you, I would like to offer you some preparations: a course called ”Witchcraft Spell”! I have prepeared many interesting musical tracks for you specially for witchy spirits as well as other things for making up choreos and image.

This is a very dynamic, intensive and sensually expressive class! Those who attended to my classes before know that lots of positive emotions as well as new impressions are guaranteed! Those who have not experienced that yet – it is high time to join and learn new cool moves of love in a remarkable Russian style from an exotic dancer coming from St. Petersburg.

Miss Diana, a regular performer on European exotic stages will reveal you some secrets of this particular way to move. If you bring high heels with you – that’s perfect. If not – you are still welcome but do not forget about legwarmers. All levels are welcome.

Come and have a lot of exotic fun with us!
Diana Ljung”
LEVEL: All levels are welcome!

Onsdag 3/10
18:45-19:45 RUSSIAN EXOTIC – Witchcraft Spell
Pris: 3 bokningar – 250:-/pers, 4 bokningar – 200:-/pers, 5 eller fler bokningar – 150:-/pers

Dianas Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DianaLjung/
Dianas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poleperformer/